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Our facility was built to meet with the Saudis with Disabilities Act (SDA), ANSI Standards and ASHA Compliance Standards.

Treatment Rooms:

Acoustically insulated and free from distractions, our treatment rooms cater to our pediatric and adult patients alike. All of our treatment rooms have Internet connection for use of our cyber therapy resources with patients. The rooms are also fitted with CCTV cameras and microphones to allow for observation of sessions by family members and clinical supervisors, if needed.

Voice Lab:

Our voice lab features a full range of speech instrumentation that allows for objective assessment of voice disorders.The instrumentation is also used as part of therapy and provides visual feedback and reinforcement to the patient.

Observation Booths and Control Room:

At JISH, we stress the importance of family involvement in the treatment process. Family involvement and support have proven to positively impact on the progress made by the individual in treatment. Our observation booths allow for real-time observation of treatment sessions via our state of the art, closed-circuit TV system (CCTV). The Control Room is manned by our Control Room Officer who assures ideal viewing of diagnostic and treatment sessions.

Materials Bank:

An abundance of assessment and therapy materials purchased locally and from abroad are housed in our Materials Bank. The Materials Bank Officer distributes requested materials needed for diagnostic and therapy sessions.

ABA Therapy area:

A.B.A. services are provided in a spacious clinical setting with individualized work stations separated by partitions to minimize distractions. Individual work stations include computers for instructional and therapeutic usage. The setting also contains a motor area for therapeutic sensory breaks and naturalistic teaching, a reading area for literacy instruction, a small group instruction and play area, and teacher work space. CCTV cameras are installed for observation and supervision purposes. Individualized clinic rooms equipped with computers, work tables, and CCTV cameras are also available for children requiring a quieter work setting.

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