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Hearing Conservation Program

Scientific studies have established the link between exposures to intense noise levels and permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss caused by excessive exposure to intense noise levels, or noise-induced hearing loss, can greatly handicap a person’s communication ability. Sounds will seem not only softer than normal, but distorted or garbled as well. Persons suffering from noise-induced hearing loss can experience dramatic decreases in communication ability, work productivity, and satisfaction with their quality of life. Noise-induced hearing loss is even more unfortunate because, with proper prevention techniques, it can almost be entirely avoided. People who work with or around industrial equipment are the most at-risk population for noise-induced hearing loss. For this reason, it is important that employers provide comprehensive Industrial Hearing Conservation Programs for their employees.

JISH is well-equipped to perform accurate noise measurements studies conforming to current OSHA specifications. The JISH Audiology staff provide training and in-services to businesses and the medical community on the effects of noise on hearing, and on how to protect hearing by properly using and maintaining hearing protection devices. In those in-services our staff stress the importance of annual hearing testing and on how it is used to monitor hearing levels. Our ear -mold laboratory manufactures top-quality, custom-fit personal hearing protection devices.

An effective Industrial Hearing Conservation Program (IHCP) consists of:

  1. Periodic Hearing Evaluations are made at least once each year to monitor the status of each employee's hearing in order to identify hearing losses at early stages and to prevent further damage.
  2. Noise exposure measurement includes evaluating the noise levels each employee is exposed to, determining the noise protection needs for individual employees, and overseeing the fitting of standard disposable hearing protection devices or custom-fitted personal hearing protection devices (PHPDs) for employees who are exposed noise.

An Industrial Hearing Conservation Program benefits both employee and employer. The employee benefits maintaining hearing sensitivity. The employer benefits by avoiding decreases in employee safety and productivity resulting from communication breakdowns. Finally, an Industrial Hearing Conservation Program is a tangible demonstration of the importance employers place upon the safety and personal wellbeing of their employees.





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