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Hearing loss Management

Management of hearing loss begins with the right diagnosis. Following a comprehensive examination of the individual's ears, a series of audiological tests will be ordered. The tests will decide if a hearing loss is present, to what degree, and involves what parts of the hearing mechanism. Many people also experienceTinnitus; this is usually an indication that something is not quite right in one or more parts of the hearing mechanism.

If a sensorineural problem is diagnosed, you or your child’s treatment will almost certainly include the recommendation for hearing aid evaluation and fitting. Working with the audiologist, you or your child will receive ongoing care and information on which of the many styles and models are just right for the type of hearing loss problem diagnosed. Whether a hearing loss occurs in one or both ears, the audiologist will consider whether one or two hearing aids would be beneficial. For the majority of people wearing two aids improves the ability to localize the source of the sound, participate in multiple conversations, understand in situations with the presence of background noise, and hear a more natural balance of sound.

The audiologist will determine the need for one or two hearing aids and or a Cochlear Implant.

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