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Corporate Partners

Today in Saudi Arabia more businesses are embracing social responsibility; companies are proactively promoting public interest by encouraging community growth through increasing job opportunities, supporting charitable projects, and preserving the environment.

Since JISH's inception, many private sector organizations have provided donations and logistic support to JISH services and activities as part of their corporate social responsibility plans. Such businesses include the following:

1) Zahid Tractor and Heavy Machinery Company:

Zahid Tractor & Heavy Machinery Company is the first and most supportive partner to JISH, with particular interest in helping individuals with special needs. Some of the projects that Zahid Tractor supported are:

JISH-Al Amal Institute for the Deaf (1995-1999): Zahid Tractor sponsored the cost of hearing aids, FM systems, and training teachers of the deaf in both the boys’ and girls' schools.

Since its inception in 1991, JISH continues to receive logistic support from the Zahid Tractor’s Government Relations and Human Resources departments.

Since 1998, Zahid Tractor has been the main sponsor of JISH's Annual Symposium for Communication Disorders.

Zahid Tractor supports the Research and Development Division through publishing public awareness flyers and booklets for employers, parents, and teachers of the deaf.

Zahid Tractor donates money every year to the JISH Patient Sponsorship Fund established to enable patients to receive clinical services at JISH regardless of their financial status

2) Hajj Hussein Alireza Company:

Sponsored a numberJISH's symposia and seminars
Donated to the JISH Patient Sponsorship Fund 
Donated five buses for the transportation of JISH patients

3) Reza Food Services Company:

Sponsored a number of JISH's seminars Supported printing public awareness media targeting parents and families Providing free meals, gifts, and fun activities to children during the Annual Forum for Supporting Mothers of Hearing Impaired Children since 2006 Sponsored the printing of "the Language Development Wheel"; an educational tool given for free to parents and teachers to educate them on the children's language skills development from birth to school age

4) Savola Group:

In 2006, JISH signed an Memorandum of Agreement with Savola Group, where by Savola Group committed to sponsor the diagnostic and rehabilitation of ten children at JISH for one year, in addition to sponsoring one cochlear implant procedure yearly.

5) Delta Marketing:

Delta Marketing has been providing drinking water to JISH free of charge since 1991. Furthermore, Delta Marketing participated in printing public awareness media for JISH public awareness campaigns in schools


The following companies sponsored JISH annual symposia & seminars since 1998:

Tamer Medical Group 
Harasani Architects 
Rolaco for Contracting 
Universal Motors Agencies 
Barakat Medical Group 
Gulf Medical Co. 
Chemtrade Co. 
Arabian Petroleum Services Co. (APSCO-MOBIL) 
Reza Holding Co. (Tokyo Games)

6) M.A. Abudawood & Partners for Industry Co. Ltd- Jeddah (Clorox)

Co-sponsoring JISH in the cost of hearing evaluations and hearing aids fitting to hearing impaired patients who can not afford to pay for the services

7) SADAFCO & JISH Cooperation agreement

As part of its committment to supporting the local community, Saudi Dairy & Food Stuff Co. (SADAFCO) signed an agreement with JISH in 2009 whereby SADAFCO supports JISH programs & activities for three years (2009-2012) that include:

  • JISH Patients Sponsorship Fund: dedicated to provide financial support to rehabilitative services rendered at JISH to patients who can not afford to pay for such services. To date, SADAFCO supported %7 of patients' costs in that fund.
  • Applied Research Programs: Support of research projects aiming at standardizing diagnostic assessments and tools in Arabic Language, to be used by speech therapists in Saudi Arabia and Arab countries as part of services to patients with communication disorders. SADAFCO has fully sponsored the cost of ongoing research projects since 2009.
  • Professional Development Programs (Training JISH Therapists):

This includes specialized professional courses and hands-on training on latest therapy techniques and programs to JISH therapists by experts from USA & Canada. Further, JISH enrolls clinicians on scholarships in speech language pathology masters & doctorate programs at well-known universities in USA & Canada. SADAFCO supported these programs by covering %33 of total costs since 2009.

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