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The Scholarship Fund for Graduate Studies in Communication Disorders and other related fields.

The Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing (JISH) Scholarship Fund for graduate studies in the fields of Speech –Language Pathology and Audiology was established in 1991 to develop ASHA certified speech language pathologists to serve in the JISH clinic.

Today 19 years later, the JISH Scholarship Fund continues to provide JISH clinicians with scholarships to further develop their professional skills in the fields of Speech –Language Pathology, Audiology and Applied Behavior Analysis.

The Fund will award scholarship grants to qualifying clinicians to pursue their Masters Degree, and or PhD and Board Certification from institutions in the USA or Canada. In return for their scholarship award, and in accordance with the need of the Institute, the clinician will, upon graduation, agree to work at JISH for the following four years.

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